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Also Elsa Hosk swears by the Skincare of Dr. Barbara Sturm

Next week’s Victoria’s Secret Show 2019 in Shanghai will turn perfection into a 24-hour job for all the models who walk along. While now much is written about the sports program and the women’s poor diet, Elsa Hosk recently talks in an interview about how she cares for her skin. The answer is quite simple: the bazaar cover model simply swears by every single product by Dr. Barbara Sturm. The beauty doctor, who specializes in non-operative rejuvenation methods, caused a sensation around 2016 with her MC1 cream, because its texture is mixed with the patients’ freshly tapped blood. Three treatments that are now becoming the new favorites in skin care.

    The new addition to Dr. Barbara Sturm’s molecular skin care line moisturizes the skin deeply with the essences of wild roses and rose hips; the extracts of the bistro root improve the tone and texture of the skin. The serum is enriched with light-reflecting pigments that immediately give the skin a shimmering glow. Can be used individually or mixed dropwise with day care. With immediate fresh-recovering effect.

Glow Drops by Dr. Barbara Sturm
Photo: PR/Niche Beauty
new: Glow Drops by Dr. Barbara Sturm, 125 Euro, available at

    This beauty elixir is based on a high concentration of short and long hyaluronic acid chains and acts as an energy-giving nutrient cocktail for tired and aging skin. Special extracts from Purslane and Skullcap herbs as well as antioxidants also increase the cell-internal activity of the “fountain of youth” enzyme telomerase and are intended to effectively counteract the formation of lines and wrinkles. It makes the skin appear firmer and smoother.

Dr. Barbara Storm – Super Anti-aging Serum, 30ml – Serum – one size
Dr. Barbara Storm – Super Anti-aging Serum, 30ml – Serum – one size
290,00 €
This deeply effective moisturizing mask is a boon for irritated skin. A cooling mix of aloe vera and chamomile extracts moisturizes and soothes the skin, while almond oil and white clay help the skin to become more supple and smooth wrinkles. Typical for Dr. Barbara Sturm’s anti-aging care and also contained in this mask: the extracts of Purslane herb, which activate the natural cell protection.


New: Scientific skin care from the USA

The scientifically based skin care “Skin Ceutivals” is now available as a brand new and exclusive product in Kassel in the Engel pharmacy at the town hall. It improves the health of the skin – individually tailored to its needs. The main causes of skin aging are combated. In order to fulfil this purpose, Skin Ceutivals makes a simple but important promise: professional skin care products based on scientific findings. SkinCeuticals is available exclusively in the Engel pharmacy at the town hall.

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Skin care from the inside and outside
It is important for beautiful and healthy skin that it receives sufficient micronutrients from within. Fresh air, enough sleep and plenty of drinking also help. In order to support the skin from the outside, you should know your current skin type, which changes over the course of your life.

How to care for your skin properly
Skin care in winter
Nutrition and micronutrients for healthy skin, hair and nails

How to care for your skin properly
The skin has a natural acid mantle which protects it against external influences and pathogens. It consists mainly of sebum and sweat secreted by the skin glands and has a pH value between 4.5 and 6.9. Although the acid mantle actually protects the skin from chemicals and water and at the same time keeps its moisture content stable, it is usually attacked during skin cleansing and its pH value temporarily shifted to the alkaline range. Healthy skin balances this out quickly.

Nevertheless, the skin should be cared for according to the skin type. Oily skin, such as that which occurs during puberty, requires different care than dry skin, which is common in older people. Skin care always consists of cleansing and actual care. People with dry skin can, for example, use moisturising products when washing and then apply cream well. If the skin is very sensitive or already irritated or inflamed, protective gloves should be worn when cleaning and rinsing.

Normal skin

If you have normal skin, you usually do not need to use any special washing solutions. Even when alkaline soaps are used, the skin’s own protective acid mantle forms again within a few hours. Nevertheless, gentle, pH-neutral products are the ideal skin care products. Like the skin itself, they have a low pH value of around 5.5 and therefore hardly affect the natural protective acid mantle. Rinse off the cleansing solutions well – but not too hot – afterwards.

After cleansing, normal skin should be treated with a lightly moisturising cream. Creams consist mainly of lipids and water. A distinction is made between light oil-in-water emulsions and greasier water-in-oil emulsions and mixed emulsions. The former are recommended for normal skin in summer, the latter in winter, when the skin is dry due to cold and heating air. In any case, the cream should contain as few additives as possible such as emulsifiers or fragrances.




Oily skin

Regular cleansing is important for oily skin, i.e. at least once a day, if necessary twice a day. However, the protective acid mantle should not be completely “washed away”, otherwise the skin dries out. Then it only produces more sebum, which blocks the pores. When washing, only dirt, cosmetics and excess sebum should be removed, but the natural amount of sebum should be retained. There are care products that regulate the sebum production of the skin and remove excess fat without drying out the skin. It is best to use a mild, non-greasy cleanser with a pH equal to that of the skin (around 5.5) and which removes excess oil.

The skin should not be subjected to heavy mechanical stress during cleansing (e.g. by rubbing or pulling), but the cleanser should only be gently massaged in and then rinsed off thoroughly with lukewarm water. If you rinse with cold water, this will counteract the production of talc.

Alcohol facial toners also have a degreasing and mattifying effect, but they should be used sparingly and carefully. If the product in question is not tolerated, you should use another product or do without it altogether. After cleansing, special low-fat care products should be used for oily skin, if necessary at all. These are light oil-in-water emulsions (skin care milk) whose water content evaporates, which has a cooling effect and moisturises in connection with the lipid content. If the oily shine of the skin is disturbed, a mattifying powder can be applied, which absorbs the lipid. High-quality products do not clog pores.

Dry skin

Dry skin is usually also sensitive because the acid mantle is impaired or missing. This has the function of protecting the skin against external influences and keeping it supple at the same time. Dry skin is therefore also brittle and rough and should be cleaned particularly gently. It tends to crack and must not be scrubbed or subjected to any other strong mechanical stress. Alcohol facial toners and degreasing cleansers are also not recommended for this skin type. Mild washing solutions and cleansing milk which have a refatting effect and contain as few additives as possible which could cause allergies are best suited. Afterwards rinse with lukewarm water and possibly use an alcohol-free facial toner.

After cleansing, a rich moisturising cream should be applied (water-in-oil emulsion). It moisturises the skin and restores the protective layer. Depending on the skin area and season, different fat contents are suitable. For the care of the facial skin, for example, a slightly less greasy cream is required. In winter, pure fat creams without water content or fat ointments are particularly suitable for very dry skin – also to prevent eczema. Vaseline, which is also used frequently, is a product of the petroleum industry and can in rare cases lead to irritation of very sensitive skin. These ointments can be used locally, or at night to avoid a greasy face during the day.

Nutrition is also a matter for the skin

The appearance of the skin does not only depend on the skin type, but also on the nutrition. Too much fatty food, alcohol and nicotine damage the skin and lead to increased or reduced sebum formation. But also a very unbalanced diet or starvation cures lead to a deficient supply of vitamins and minerals to the skin. The consequences are dysfunctions: The skin becomes dry and irritable. Hair loss and brittle nails can also occur. A varied and balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables as well as dairy products, wholemeal products, fish and lean meat is important for a beautiful skin – as well as a healthy body, of course. Another rule: drink a lot! About one and a half to two litres of water per day. In addition to nutrition, an otherwise healthy lifestyle is beneficial to the skin: plenty of regular exercise – preferably in the fresh air – as well as sufficient sleep and little stress.

The right nail care

The nails should also be protected from harmful external influences as far as possible. Rubber gloves help when working with the hands. They are especially important when hands could come into contact with rinsing solutions or chemicals, for example when cleaning. The nails should be kept short.

In order to prevent ingrown nails, they should always be cut in a straight line – and not diagonally over the corners. It is also important to take care not to damage the nail wall during the manicure. It surrounds the nail at the sides and the root and gives it hold. If it is injured,




Select cosmetics individually

It is also important for the health of the skin not to burden it unnecessarily with the wrong cosmetics. Make-up, powder and lipstick, but also the deodorant should therefore be adapted to the skin type and contain as few unnecessary additives as possible. For example, many people react allergically to added fragrances. In case of doubt, the cosmetic specialist will advise you. If the skin is already damaged, the dermatologist should be consulted. In addition, the correct – and not too long – storage of the cosmetics plays a role for their tolerability.
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Skin care in winter
Care tips from PD Dr. Natalie Garcia Bartels, dermatologist at the Charité Berlin

What does the skin need in winter? Especially fat has been preached in women’s magazines for decades. But the experiences of dermatologists show: It does not always make sense to use a fat cream in winter.

The right care tips for the cold season: An interview with skin expert PD Dr. Natalie Garcia Bartels, senior physician at the Clinic for Dermatology, Venerology and Allergology at the Charité in Berlin.

Fat cream in winter? The advice is outdated

A very high-fat cream is by no means suitable for every skin type. Even the combination skin type, which tends towards oily skin in the T-zone, i.e. on the nose, forehead and chin, as well as on the décolleté and upper back, needs a moisturising cream even in winter. A cream that is too greasy will clog the sebaceous glands, which can promote acne. In addition, some fat creams contain ingredients that can cause blackheads. These substances include butyl stearate, isopropyl myristate, lanolin and sesame oil.

If fat cream is not recommended, what day care do you recommend for the winter?

Often it is not even necessary to change the cream for the face in winter. Especially if you are not constantly outdoors or in heavily heated rooms. It therefore does not make sense to use a more greasy cream on colder days as a preventive measure. It is only advisable if the skin is stretched during the day or scales form. But even in this case a well-balanced moisturizing cream richer in fat is often sufficient. A pure fat cream or ointment is usually not necessary.

What should I bear in mind with make-up?

It is very important to use make-up that does not dry out in winter and when the heating air is dry. I would advise against using powder as it draws moisture from the skin.

What do you recommend for dry scalps?

It is best to use a shampoo for dry scalps with moisturising properties or with urea, which binds moisture in the skin. The hairdryer should only be used with restraint, as the hot air dries out the scalp.

Do you have any other tips for skin care in winter?

It is important not to rob the skin of unnecessary fat and moisture. For example, if you clean your face twice a day with a degreasing washing gel or soap, it is best to reduce this to once a day or use only water.

It is even better to replace the gel with a cleansing milk. Even avoiding facial tonics in winter can protect the skin from drying out. The following applies to body care: only take a short shower, not too hot and preferably only once a day. After showering, a high-fat body lotion, cream or oil – applied to damp skin – protects against dryness.

Why skin dries out slightly in winter

In winter some people suffer from dry skin. The reason: the air humidity often drops drastically in clear and cold weather, which can dry out the facial skin. Staying in heated rooms with low humidity can intensify this effect.
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Nutrition and micronutrients for healthy skin, hair and nails
You yourself can contribute a lot to beautiful skin, strong hair and firm nails: Sufficient light protection, regular skin care and the renunciation of nicotine help the skin to stay beautiful longer. But we also know that proper nutrition and a sufficient supply of micronutrients are important. For example, Australian, Greek and Swedish researchers have found that people who often eat fish, vegetables, legumes and low-fat dairy products have fewer wrinkles.

The food ingredients calcium, zinc, vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus and iron seem to be effective against wrinkles.

In general, a lot of fruit and vegetables are important for the skin, especially because of the vitamins and antioxidants they contain. In addition: Drink enough, about one and a half to two litres a day.

Basically, however, you should pay attention to all micronutrients that skin, hair and nails need for their metabolism:


Vitamin A:

Vitamin A (retinol) is important for the normal development of tissues, especially the cell renewal of the skin. It smoothes the skin and prevents dehydration and desquamation. It also provides for strong hair and fingernails.
Vitamin A belongs to the group of so-called antioxidants, as it can intercept harmful free radicals in the body. Vitamin A is also frequently used in skin creams. Beta-carotene is a vitamin precursor and is converted into vitamin A in the intestine. For example, it supports the skin’s own sun protection.

Vitamin E

Like vitamin A, vitamin E protects our body against the attack of the so-called “free radicals” which are caused by smoking, alcohol and UV rays. These aggressive substances are partly responsible for the ageing of cells and the formation of wrinkles. Vitamin E provides sufficient moisture for the skin, makes it smooth and supple and ensures sufficient blood circulation. It also has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. Vitamin E is therefore contained in many cosmetics.

Vitamin B complex:

B vitamins are soluble in water, the body cannot store them, so they have to be reabsorbed daily. Panthenol and biotin are particularly important for hair and skin. Provitamin B5 (panthenol) binds moisture, smoothes and calms the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes skin regeneration. It also supports hair growth. Biotin (vitamin H) is regarded as the beauty vitamin par excellence for hair, skin and fingernails. It is therefore often used for the treatment of hair loss, brittle fingernails or scaly skin diseases.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C keeps the connective tissue elastic and firm, stimulates hair growth and regulates pigment formation. Because it is involved in the formation of collagen fibres, it helps the connective tissue to store moisture. It also strengthens the immune system.


Zinc is important for the regular layering of the skin, for wound healing and for the build-up of hair keratin. Zinc deficiency therefore leads to scaly, inflammatory skin changes and hair loss. Slight forms of acne respond well to treatment with zinc. Externally, zinc is mainly used in wound care.


Vegetable estrogens such as the isoflavones from soy and red clover have a weak estrogen-like effect and can positively influence skin ageing.


The silica contained in silica serves to support the skin’s ability to bind moisture and is regarded as an important structural substance of cells and tissues such as skin, nails, teeth, bones and connective tissue.



How the Secret Angels of Victoria Prepare Their Skin Before the Runway Show



Experienced models such as Elsa Hosk, Leomie Anderson and the Hadid sisters are expected to be well informed on how to care for their skin. A profession that requires the face and body to be constantly displayed requires this in practice.

But when it comes to the famous Victoria Fashion Secret Fashion Show, the best of the best in skin care are recruited to make sure every single woman makes her shine and look effortless.

Instagram photo source: Instagram

Enter Georgia Louise, a prominent facialist of the stars. This isn’t her first round with the Angels (she also prepared them for last year’s show), but she’s just as excited that for the second time she’s expecting her own plan for the highly anticipated lingerie event of the year.

“My focus for the angel face is to soothe, calm and hydrate the skin so that the runway is ready,” she says StyleCaster. “This includes reducing inflammation and stains with LED light, massaging the face and shoulders to relieve muscle tension, and lifting and contouring with microcurrent to give the models’ skin safety.

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Before the show
It’s no surprise that planning in advance is the name of the game if you’re facing millions. For skin care specifically, the models recommended by Louise recommend a daily facial massage with Georgia Louise Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone to let the face drip off and swell off.

Another product she suggested specifically for New York is Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics Anti-Pollution Drops, as they protect against polluted air. “It’s also important that the girls don’t stop peeling a few days before the show as this can lead to irritation and sensitivity,” says Louise.

And of course there’s the basics: drink plenty of water, stay away from nightshade and inflammatory food, and get beauty sleep.

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Customized treatments
In addition to these product recommendations, Angels also receive VIP treatment with custom GLoToGo treatments, a custom Georgia Louise protocol that instantly delivers maximum shine and high-resolution cheekbones, depuffing, contouring and modeling for instant annealing.

“I designed this facial specifically for this runway glow, which can only be created through performance skin care and a range of beauty tools, so the angels are ready to make the runways,” says Louise. “Make-up artists have more time for color and creativity and spend less time concealing and contouring.

The most important factor in creating these unique facial treatments is the high beams on the slope. For this reason, no oils, active ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy or beta-hydroxy acids or fast-penetrating ingredients are used. Instead, it is “a superficial facial that leaves a lipid layer on the skin for an even color and texture”.

“I’m known for creating the customized facial. This means that no two facials are the same and no two models are the same. Each model is tailored to its skin needs,” says Louise. “I always finish my treatment with Dr Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics Glow-Drops to give the angels’ cheekbones a beautiful shine.

Redesigning the glow
We know what you probably think: How should I redesign something that is tailor-made? Although you obviously can’t get the facial treatment described above, you can also familiarize yourself with Dr. Barbara Sturm, a line of care outside the stratosphere of Victoria´s Secret that celebrities love.



There is also the GloPulse, a facial tool that many angels have to use before and after the show to get the moisturizing skin. It looks like a headband or headphones, but it’s more than what hits the eye. Through the buttons on both sides of the face, negative and positive ionic currents are directed to and through the face to support products that penetrate the skin better for faster results.

Although not invasive (as opposed to treatments with similar results as microneedles), there is still the possibility to change the energy settings depending on how sensitive your skin is. And of course, it works best with Louise’s conductive cotton masks that come with the tool.

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