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hi guys and welcome to today’s bio beauty skincare and waxing center reviews
today we’re gonna be talking all about
brazilian waxing so not only do I get
brazilian waxing done I’m also a
licensed aesthetician so I actually do
Brazilians and I do waxing and I have
lots of experience and with waxing
waxing other people different hair types
things like that so I’m gonna be giving
you guys the inside details and inside
tips from an esthetician and what to
expect with waxing so since I’m a waxer
and a wax II before you guys go and I
just want to let you know to not be
embarrassed it’s okay that’s the
recitations job so she has you know
she’s been doing this for a while it’s a
regular normal thing for her to see
vaginas on a regular basis so don’t be
embarrassed about it just kind of go in
and just relax you don’t have to worry
about that we’re not gonna judge you
we’re there to make you comfortable and
we’re there to help you with this hair
removal process so basically what waxing
is is you’re using resin or beeswax or
mixture of different things in different
ingredients to remove hair so basically
essentially you rip the hair out of the
follicle but good waxers and the purpose
of this is to get the whole hair
follicle so it takes longer when it
grows back your smoother longer and it
also prevents ingrown hairs when it’s
done properly now before you go into
waxing there’s a couple of things that
you’re gonna want to do you’re gonna
want to exfoliate I would exfoliate on a
regular basis especially if you are
prone to getting ingrown hairs the best
way that I personally like to exfoliate
the area because I like to use more
natural organic products I use organic
sugar and I use organic oil and I mix it
together and I make my own body scrub I
use that about three times a week I
recommend if you have a lot of ingrown
hairs use it three times a week but at
least once a week in that area it’s safe
enough clean enough for that area but
keeping up with that is going to prevent
ingrown hairs and when you do get waxed
you’re gonna get a better wax because
there’s not going to be dead skin
surrounding the hair follicle when you
get wax definitely exfoli
also a good tip is we’re going
talk about the length of the hair
because that is actually really
important you don’t want your hair being
too long if it’s longer than an inch it
is way too long because when is longer
than an inch it is going to break in
half and it’s gonna cause more ingrown
hairs and I actually recommend it being
smaller then or shorter than half an
inch smallest that you want it would be
1/4 of an inch so this is exactly what
my book says it says that if you get
waxing 1/4 of an inch is a smallest that
you can have it and that is point six
centimeters and then the longest you
want your hair could be a half an inch
and that is one point five one point
point two five centimeters there we go
got it but this is exactly from my
aesthetician book that I’m reading from
this is where I get a lot of my
information some of my followers ask me
like where do you get your information I
have many different certificates and
I’ve been in esthetician for almost four
years and then also like if I really
need to I’ll go back to this book so I’m
reading a lot of this information from
my aesthetics book when I was going to
school hair length matters make sure
that is about 1/4 of an inch also make
sure that you exfoliate before you get
waxing done and is it gonna hurt yeah
it’s gonna hurt a lot it is especially
your first time it’s gonna hurt so much
but it’s just kind of what you do for a
beauty you know there’s pain first and
then beauty my first Brazilian I think I
mean the thing for me is the place that
I go to they do it in 15 minutes like
their pants and damn very quick so I
love that about them and that’s kind of
why I see them for that reason but I
know most places and most spas may take
between 15 minutes to 45 minutes some
even an hour but I would just try to go
to a place that has a lot of
recommendations if you’re in California
I would go to the European walk center I
have been going to them since February
and I really enjoy the staff I enjoy the
estheticians there I feel like most of
them know what they’re doing there and I
also feel that I get good results and
it’s quick that’s my favorite part about
it so just pay it
no reviews make sure that you really
look up the esthetician before you go
and see her I’m sure that she’s also
clean I’m gonna tell you two things
estheticians do that you wouldn’t want
to go see well number one make sure that
she’s licensed usually when your
aesthetician nail technician or
cosmetologist you’re required by law
maybe each state’s different but you’re
required by law to have your license
visible for your clients as they know
that you’re a licensed professional for
these specific treatments you want to
make sure that your aesthetician doesn’t
double dick if your aesthetician double
dips go to a new waxer and that is so
unsanitary they may say that the wax is
hot enough that it kills all the
bacteria but that is not true at all
it’s not true because if it was if the
temperature of the wax was hot enough to
kill all the bacteria it would be way
too hot to touch human skin so if your
aesthetician dips it in the wax go see a
new actor please that’s just know you
don’t want that also like I said you
want your hair at a certain length I
would your esthetician could trim it for
you but it’s more sanitary for you and
her if you trim two at home make sure
you’re exfoliating on a regular basis
make sure your esthetician is sanitary
license and also make sure that your
hair is at the proper length so now I’m
gonna tell you guys my experience with
waxing I’m also gonna tell you guys what
you should expect when you do get wax
I’m gonna be a hot number several with
you guys because with waxing you have to
have a lot of patience and pain
tolerance you have to have a little bit
of pain tolerance cuz it is a little bit
painful and there are other methods to
hair removal and I’ll get more into that
later on I’ll make other bio beauty skincare and waxing center reviewss on hair
removal like I think the next thing I
want to try is laser but right now
waxing is just working for me and I’m
loving it so I’m just want to tell you
guys about my experience so far so I
started getting waxed in February
starting February this year I did it
like a week or two before my vacation so
the reason why I did it like a week or
two before my vacation that was a major
nono because if you are going on
vacation and if that’s what you want to
do if wax things like a one time thing
for you make sure you do it like two
days before you leave for your vacation
because number one the first day you get
waxed your area is going to be a little
and that’s normal it’s normal for it to
be read it’s normal for sometimes the
hair follicles to bleed a little bit so
just keep that in mind if the hair
follicles do bleed a little bit that’s
okay because it means that the hair
follicle is completely damaged and hair
won’t grow back and a hair follicle ever
again that’s kind of what you’re gonna
be expecting after the first day you
don’t really want a shower
you don’t want to go to the gym you
don’t want to be like you know on a
beach somewhere on vacation with a
freshly open skin down there so I would
do about two days before your vacation
so I did a bait major nono when I got my
first waxing done and when I say my
first waxing done I mean the first
waxing – this process of kind of like
talking about it in my experience and
things like that because becoming in
this petition I’ve gotten waxed many
times before but I just never kept up
with it I shaved in between and I did it
rarely when I wanted like special
occasions and things like that but since
I started doing on a regular basis like
I wanted to do on a regular basis so I
could talk to you guys about it and tell
you like what to expect when you do get
waxed so the type of waxing that I
started to get done in February was
brazilian waxing x’
there are two different types of waxings
in that area like waxing styles
there’s brazilian and there’s bikini so
brazilian is everything like from the
front to the back everything all that
hair in that area is Brazilian bikini is
any type of hair that sticks out of a
bikini if you were going to the beach
and you were wearing a bikini a bikini
is just kind of like cleaning up the
sides of it and getting the hair that
could possibly stick out of it now it
also depends on what places you go to if
you want like you can get designs
there’s landing strip
I’m sure there’s heart designs but that
is bikini so I like to get Brazilian I
just like to get it all it just makes my
life easier I’m gonna tell you guys
about my experience so when I started to
get them done I started two weeks before
my vacation or like it was like a week
to two weeks before it might have been a
week but I don’t really remember exactly
but I know that it was a big no-no
because my hair started going back
during my vacation so uhm two things
happen when your first three months that
you’re getting waxed your hair is not on
the same side
so things are gonna be patchy things
you’re gonna grow at different times
things are gonna look a little weird for
the first three months but after that
things to really start to even out
sometimes it evens out after your first
month it really just depends but it took
me about three months I would say until
my hair cycle kind of started to even
out plus I did another nono because that
my hair grew back during my vacation I
shaved and that is a big no-no you don’t
want to shave between waxings because
that means every time you shave you have
to start completely over because the
point of waxing is getting all of your
hair follicles and your hair cycle on
the same level so that your hair stays
smoother and longer so I’ve been getting
this treatment done for almost 10 months
consistently so I guess the best advice
that I would say for you guys is be
patient towards the beginning if this is
something that you would you want to do
if this interests you in any way your
hair cycle just wait till it’s on the
same cycle and then things will be
smoother or longer but it does take a
long time biggest changes that I’ve
noticed is when my hair goes back it’s
thinner and that is normal because of it
actually takes the hair follicle out so
each new hair follicle that gets wax is
he new a baby hair follicle so that’s
why you experience thinner hair when
things grow back since it’s thinner it’s
less painful and um it also prevents
ingrown hairs so I’ve noticed
ingrown hair reduction I’ve noticed more
comfortable mnestheus is doing this for
ten months
also now I’ve gone one full week of no
hair down there and I love that and now
it’s slightly growing back but it’s
really thin it’s not patchy it looks a
little bit more unison but it just looks
still maintained and cleaned down there
so I’m probably gonna wait another two
till I get my another waxing that’s I’m
probably gonna continue doing this until
I started doing laser laser is something
that I eventually want to get done one
of these days cuz I’m one of the people
who like never want hair down there but
I think for the best options out there
that I’ve tried I’ve liked waxing so far
so I would say the main benefits and
what I have noticed is reduction in
ingrown hairs and also it’s more
comfortable down there in general so
those are the two biggest ones and
that’s what I’ve noticed in my personal
experience I’m a licensed aesthetician
so I’d do them too that’s like just my
advice for you guys so it’s getting
darker in my room I’m sorry about that
but the last piece of advice I guess I
would tell you guys is do I think waxing
is the best hair removal service out
there probably not it’s probably not the
best hair removal service out there but
I think if you want to reduce ingrown
hairs or I think if you just want
thinner hair down there are things to be
a little bit more comfortable it could
be a great method for you so I hope you
guys enjoyed this bio beauty skincare and waxing center reviews this bio beauty skincare and waxing center reviews was
actually pretty requested on my
Instagram I was actually pretty
surprised how many of you guys like
wanted to know more about though I
filmed this for you guys I hope you guys
enjoyed if you have any more questions
please leave them down in the comments
down below like this bio beauty skincare and waxing center reviews if you did
like it if you have any bio beauty skincare and waxing center reviews
suggestions for me please leave them in
the comments thank you so much for
watching you guys and I will see you
guys in my next bio beauty skincare and waxing center reviews bye


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