how to care skin in summer season 2019

The best tips for care in the warm season
Advice for summer care
In summer, not only will your clothes become lighter and airier, your care should also adapt to the warmer season. In contrast to the winter, the focus is no longer so much on care series with a high fat content.

During the summer the temperatures increase and our is exposed to the sun more often, because we wear shorter clothes (in winter only our face is exposed to the weather). Higher temperatures and humidity increase sweating as the body tries to cool itself. This makes the oilier than in winter and at the same time increases the risk of impurities such as pimples. Swimming on hot summer days is great to cool down, but we expose ourselves to chemicals in baths, and it can also dry out the , just as salt water in the sea.

The right protection for the in summer
Skin care in summerThe basis of skin care in summer is above all to protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV protection), this is best done with suitable sun protection.

A continuous and strong exposure to the sun in summer puts enormous strain on the skin. It is therefore important that the skin is regularly and properly creamed. In addition, UV rays can also promote the development of skin cancer.


Always adapt the sun protection to your skin type (the lighter the skin, the higher the sun protection factor). The sun protection factor should be at least 20. This protects the skin from sunburn, which could otherwise lead to skin peeling. It also prevents premature skin ageing. In general, one should not be too sparing when applying sun milk or sun cream in order to achieve a good protective effect. Those who sweat a lot should always prefer a waterproof product, as otherwise the protection can also roll off.

Day care and make-up products often already contain sun protection, so make sure you do so when you buy them in summer.

Clothing in summer and shady places
You can also protect yourself from dangerous sun rays by wearing suitable clothing. Make sure that your skin is as well covered as possible. You can even buy clothes with built-in UV protection.

If possible, go to shady places to protect your skin. Staying in the sun is most dangerous between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the sun shines most intensely.

Avoid summer spots
Increased sweating and increased sebum formation lead directly to blockage of the pores. Therefore it is essential to cleanse the skin thoroughly as part of the skin care, this also prevents skin impurities. Eucalyptus or menthol extracts can also be used for cleansing, which keeps the pores clean and has a refreshing effect.

Care products should contain little fat and a weekly deep cleansing mask can help protect the skin from unsightly pimples.

Clearing away winter care and compensating for fluid loss instead
As part of summer skin care, replace greasy products with moisturising products. During the summer, the skin no longer needs the increased fat content of these skin care products. The sun, heat and sweating, however, lead to a loss of moisture in the skin, which must be balanced to make the skin look beautiful and healthy.

Body lotion or body cream in summer?
Both care products consist of cream, but the body lotion has a higher water content and is therefore usually the better choice in summer, as it is ideal to compensate for the loss of fluid.

Skin care in summerAfter bathing in baths or the sea
Always rinse your body with cool water after swimming to remove chlorine and salt. A shower gel or lotion will help with the cleansing effect. You can then use a body lotion or after-sun product to give the skin back some moisture.

Drink a lot for beautiful skin
Especially in summer when temperatures are hot, the body dries out faster and the skin suffers from it. Ideally, you should drink about two to three litres of water or unsweetened tea a day in summer. The liquid ensures a healthy and elastic skin.

Avoid hot showers
Excessively hot water increases the loss of moisture from the skin. Lukewarm and short showers in summer are better. Cold water also improves blood circulation and tightens the skin. Ideally you should use a shower body milk or a moisturizing cream shower, both contain cream and thus counteract the drying out of the skin during the showering process.

Facial sprays provide moisture for the face
In addition to a quick supply of moisture, a face spray ensures a pleasant cooling of the face. The spray mist is absorbed within a short time without leaving any residue.

Supplementary summer skin care
A face mask should be used weekly for summer skin care to completely clean the pores and help the skin maintain its natural pH balance. You can also choose a mask with a pleasant cooling effect.

If you use wipes to cleanse your face or remove make-up, it is advisable to choose a moisturising version during the summer months.

The skin is now also happy if you do a peeling more often. It removes bacteria caused by more frequent sweating.

Skin care for children in summer
Children get sunburn more easily than adults. That is why it is important to always ensure that there is sufficient sun protection during all outdoor stays in summer.

Those who pay attention to these things and also have a healthy diet with many minerals and vitamins can enjoy a healthy and beautiful skin this summer.

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