neutrogena sensitive skin moisturizer reviews

is I here for beautiful beauty okay so
first off been battling sinus problems
still have sinus problems I say this
because I apologize in advance if I
sound stopped up if I sound choked up or
muddled or stuffy or just not myself
which that’s what it is
so I’m gonna be drinking water
throughout this blog post but I want you to
go ahead and get this review up because
I’ve been a little behind because I’ve
been so sick like 35 days sick you guys
I know behind on my schedule so this is
the Neutrogena oil-free sensitive
lotion okay I can talk there now I have
used this product before yes yes yes yes
it has been a hot minute or two in the
past since I’ve used this and I’ve
decided to go ahead and try and try
again so yeah so this is my experience
I’ve been using this for about a month
and this is the oil free nutrition at
sensitive this is a basic facial
moisturizing lotion if you will it is
fragrance free which i absolutely love
that i have a scent sensitivity problem
okay I have crazy bad sinus problems I
prefer my skincare as unscented I’m
fragranced unsmiling I perfume perfume
II as you could get you know what I mean
and I love the fact of that so I will
say I’m very pleased with that part of
the department here you know what I’m
talking about
it is a ok moisturizer I will say that I
have very dry sense of and I will
be perfectly honest I don’t feel that it
is enough for me
I think this is definitely for sensitive
definitely so it says this ultra
gentle facial moisturizer
Nautica mechanic won’t clog pores
dermatologist recommended which i think
is an absolute load of baloney
dermatologists do not look at these
products and take their freetime
donate you know to these companies say
oh I’m going to test these products oh
yeah whatever you know what I mean so
that is totally untrue but uh anyhow
would you believe speaking of this
company would you believe that
Neutrogena has actually been around
since nineteen thirty so the brand has
been around forever ever and ever and
ever but anyhow you know it is a good
quality moisturizer it is light it is
Airy it is basically a basic lotion it
gives you just a nice touch and splash
of moisture now if you have dry
sensitive like I do and you’re
looking for and craving that drink of
water for your skin so to speak you’re
not gonna get you’re not gonna get
satiated from this product you’re not
gonna get that satisfied so if you have
normal skin and you’re looking for a
little splash and dash of moisture I
definitely highly recommend this if
you’re a dry sensitive and you need
moisture I don’t I don’t recommend it
but I do like the fact however it is
totally unfair instyler that let’s see
what else I could tell you guys before I
forget okay so this is alcohol-free it
is non drying I will tell you this I do
get a little bit of a slight sting after
I apply this I’ve been wearing it mostly
during the day like after I wash my face
in the morning and do my skincare
cleansing routine immediately I apply
this after I wash my face I do get a few
seconds of burning in a stinging
sensation so possibly there might be an
ingredient of or two or if not maybe a
combination of ingredients that my skin
does not really go for or like that well
so do keep that in mind that you can get
a little slight burning stinging
sensation it only lasts for a couple
seconds so maybe three or four seconds
and then it’s over with it’s no big deal
I don’t get any redness or any tightness
or any dryness or anything like that
just about a three or four second sting
and then it’s over with but that’s right
upon initial application and then it’s
over with and it’s gone and then I don’t
get any reaction so I
think that maybe there is an ingredient
or two or a concentration of ingredients
or like I said a combination of
ingredients that might be giving me that
slight sting so if you are normal skin I
definitely recommend it try it out if
you’re a dry sensitive it’s just not
enough you know it’s like you’re
drinking a lot of water you guys but you
are still thirsty and you need more
water you know that’s the way it is for
me or that’s a way my skin felt okay
this one show you real quick just the
texture of the product okay I like the
way it applies I like the way it feels I
like the fluidity across the skin I like
the absorbability of it the way it
absorbs into the skin I like that and I
just totally put too much on my hand but
I wanted to show you guys just a nice
thin layer it’s not super watery but
it’s not really thick either because I
mean it’s a lotion it’s not a cream it
is a lotion it’s supposed to be more
thin layer do you know what I mean it’s
not supposed to be as thick as a cream
so you know it is just that it is a
lotion and I’m just I’m really really
loving the no smell I really love that
anyhow and will probably be pretty good
for people if you break out if you have
acne issues because it’s an oil-free
moisturizer if you break out or have
acne it’s probably a good choice and
like I said if you have more normal skin

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