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How/where will I locate the right corresponding Shade IQ Number for a particular color of foundation that’s created by a specific cosmetics brand, and can be transported at Sephora (i.e. brands like Dior, Cover FX, Make Up For Ever, etc.) and also be in a position to come across that the Color IQ amounts when I’m not at a Sephora store in the moment, and am rather looking for them in my pc or iPhone?For instance, if I generally use the Make Up For Ever”Ultra HD Foundation Stick” from the colour R330 and I wish to learn what the specific Shade IQ amount is for this particular R330 colour in the Make Up For Ever Ultra Foundation Stick, how do I locate it without being at a Sephora store? Every particular base shade a cosmetics brand produces (and conveys at Sephora) includes a corresponding colour IQ amount for this, and I am interested how I will come across each colour’s Color IQ variety from house by looking on my pc, iPhone, etc. and the way I could discover the Color IQ amounts for many base shades across most brands which are taken by Sephora, and also be in a position to do so while I’m not physically at a Sephora store place. Can anybody help?

  • sephora color iq library

The Color IQ is really just a guide, a tool to help you figure out possible matches. It isn’t exact.

The beginning number and letter indicate your undertones – so 5Y is slightly warmer than 4Y. The last two numbers indicate depth – so 01 is the lightest possible shade, and 04 is slightly darker.

Sometimes it helps to see the Pantone Shade Library – you’ll see that 01 is the lightest possible shade, and 5Y is the warmest possible undertone on the spectrum. This means that 5Y04 is darker and warmer than 4Y01.

  • sephora color iq review

color matched at Sephora disclaimer this

is not to mark anybody it’s not

discourage anybody from going to support

Sakura could be color matched this is

just my experience so I was really

excited how my face was all cute today I

might just throw some pictures above my

facebook plate today

beat my face or whatever and when I find

that they were gonna help you take it

all off pose like oh great cuz like I

didn’t think about that I did not think

about that so I got there and they’re

like no we could just take up a little

bit on your chin and we put it right

back I was like okay that’s cool we

gotta be they have to take off my whole

face foundation this lady could have

told us that and I was with endo but she

already I don’t know what the camera at

home but at home

oh like well you you just told me we

have to do it so first of all they they

didn’t really know she was like no we

don’t take it all up they had to take it

all off

  • they color matched me and a list comes

up on the screen

they put a little camera thing on three

different spots of your face and then

they give you the list of things on the

computer screen that are your color the

foundation I wanted did not come up on

the screen I did not have an exact match

for that I’ve always been in between

shades and like every single foundation

I’ve ever been and I’ve always been in

between shades but she did not tell me

that she said Oh which one did you want

I told her I wanted the Kat Von D

lock-it tattoo me foundation

so I’m thinking okay she’s about to go

get it she goes and get that she brings

back to I was like of course always

seriously so she uses the lighter one on

my face but she didn’t tell me that the

Kat Von D didn’t show up on the screen I

did not know this until after I looked

at Mary she was like what do you think

and I was like the coverage is nice I

like the coverage the coverage is good

this is one layer I’ll insert some more

clips my face is acting up right now

it’s breaking out so you can kind of see

through a little bit this is just one

layer you gotta see what my face is

breaking out and acting up right now but

it’s a pretty good coverage it is

coverage and that’s what I was looking

for local coverage however this has a

very orange red undertone and I’ll

insert some more clips of some blog post for sephora color iq so

you guys can see and as you can see this

does not match my neck or my chest and

it barely matches my arm it’s very

orange compared to my actual skin color

it is so orange I walked out the mall I

hit that front camera or I was looking

about a question I was like I look like

an oompa loompa I was so Orange I have

the yellow undertones

she gave me orange

so I have to have a list of things

emailed to me I’m so sorry

so I had the list of foundations emailed

to me that are matched because I didn’t

buy anything right away I just wanted to

be color matched so that I can order it

when I got back to San Antonio so didn’t

want to buy anything right now then I

saw the the Kat Von D was not on there

and I was like huh that’s a wild look

orange this is not my color I didn’t I

knew it wasn’t my color I just saw it I

saved it I was like it’s not my color

so I was a little upset what is the

point of this color match I had to take

all of my stuff off and I was really

excited to be color matched because I’ve

always wanted to find my color I’ve

never had a color that was like my color

and before we even win this before I was

excited I was like I just want to get

color matched I’m gonna get color match

color match color match I was

disappointed because this is not my

color and y’all can’t see it well but if

y’all were in like normal lighting or if

I could like get the flash on it or

whatever y’all see I am Orange

I’m literally Orange

I don’t even oh my gosh I am NOT that


I have yellow undertone so I was really

disappointed because she could have just

said hey Kat Von D didn’t show everyone

try another one or you want to try one

that matches instead of this well you

know okay

picked a different one

yeah disappointing I’m not like mad or

anything but for anyone else who’s about

to go like right now it looks pretty


it looks pretty okay but it does not

look like this like the camera is not

showing you specially me but for anybody

who wants to get colored mansion I have

two tips when you don’t work on Dacian

to go get color much they will put on a

full foot basic foundation for you to

ask them what’s on the list before they

put it on your face ask them if you have

a match for which one whatever punish

you will see ya do that so that you know

that the foundation you’re about to get

put on your face and walk around the

mall with or walk around online through

us today is not some crazy looking color

because I didn’t really want to walk

around looking like a little over yeah

and if you number three to number three

when they put it on you and you look in

the mirror you can see that that’s not

your color ask them to take it off and

do it again try another one try another

one color matching is free it’s free

they use the tester samples so it’s free

it’s not costing anything just ask them

take it out and start over just try

again but yeah that’s my short little

spiel about my color match experience

those are my three tips so I hope you

guys have fun finding your correct color

foundation or finding some new

foundation so until next time I’ll see

y’all later with some stuff I picked up

some stuff I’m excited about

  • foundation color match quiz

you a quick basic training on how to

color match okay so the first thing I’m

gonna do is in the very top of the

comments of this blog post for sephora color iq I am going to

share with you a link that you can send

to your customers it’s a color match

quiz okay now these are just going to be

the first steps you’re going to take

it’s definitely not a science it’s more

like an art okay but the first thing

you’re going to do is you’re gonna send

them the link to that to that quiz okay

and it’s they’re gonna answer some

questions ticket yourself and see what

comes up okay but they’re gonna answer

some questions and it’s going to give

them a shade at the end of it okay

what I like to do that is have them tell

me what shade did that quiz give you

okay and then I let them know I’m going

to be sending them this photo okay I

will also put this photo in the comments

of this training so that you have it for

easy reference okay what I do with the

quiz and this photo is I get a starting

point okay the first thing I’d like to

do is see if they match so if they tell

me that the quiz said scarlet but when

they look at this they feel like they’re

more into organza I simply ask them a

few more questions okay so the first

question that I ask them is okay so

according to this chart do you burn tan

or both okay that’s the first thing that

you need to find out because people know

that answer right if they burn if they

say well usually I’ll burn once and then

I tan that’s a neutral undertone okay if

they burn it all and then tan that’s a

neutral undertone for the most part okay

a warm undertone which is over here okay

these people know I tan I only tan they

maybe have an olivey tint to their skin


that is your warm or yellow undertones

and then over here is your burn these

are the people are like I burn I puts on

SPF on doesn’t matter add

earng maybe they have a little bit of a

reddish tint to their face okay they are

gonna fall into a pink undertone so the

first thing you want to do in color

matching is determine what somebody’s

undertone is that is going to eliminate

a lot of shades that you’re not gonna

have to worry about okay these are the

basic core shades

okay we have more shades than this in

all of our foundations but these are the

basic cores to get you started then what

I do from here is I go into whether it’s

the liquid foundation or the stick or

the powder whatever it is I go and I

look and again I will put these in the

comments so you don’t have to go look

okay but I go and I dig a little bit

deeper so these shades are not on this

photo these are additional shades that

were added to our line later okay these

are not found in the quiz all right

these are what I do when I get two

different answers or somebody feels like

they’re between a shade maybe you’ve

ordered a shade and it was a little too

light or a little too pink or a little

too orange II that’s where then you have

to start to kind of trial and error we

just put this so you can see it and you

can see where some of these are listed

sorry I’m doing this backwards so for

example if somebody fell into okay it’s

the middle a neutral undertone and

Scarlett was really light on them and

taffeta was just a little bit too dark

on them then I look over here and I see

that with a neutral undertone the medium

is eyelet

okay so then I’m gonna reference the

island I’m gonna put a couple different

photos in here for you to reference and

that’s just going to help you as you are

learning to become better at color

matching okay if you are ever not sure

ask your customer to take a picture in

natural lighting

okay so facing a window on kind of an


Casta or at least not directly in the

Sun but something where there’s natural

light and then you can reach out to your

sponsor or your upline and they can help

you if you’re really struggling on a

shade or you just kind of want to get

confirmation until you get more

comfortable with it okay if you are

going to continue to grow in your

business you’re definitely going to have

to continue to learn and you’re

definitely gonna have to learn to color

match okay so I hope that this training

helps you and have a great day

IQ color 2Y07

what foundations should i use ? i have oily skin and not sure which foundation 2Y07 matches with. Please help !!


If you type ‘2Y07’ into the search bar, it will pull up all your foundation matches!

  • sephora color iq chart meaning

  • how to find color iq on sephora app

You are able to upgrade your Colour IQ amount in the Sephora Program! On the top left hand cornerunder your name, there’s drop down menu. As soon as you get into a profile, then click edit profile to the ideal hand corner. Beneath Edit Profile, click Color IQ in the drop down menu. As soon as you hit Color IQ, you may add a new variety.

Please give me a personal message if you require additional aid.

Stay Gorgeous,



I’ve got two distinct Shade IQ saved for my own profile too, and I can’t switch between both choices. My present default option is put into 1Y08, and that I want my existing default option to be put to 4Y07. Not one of the tips are accessible to me, there’s no”Save Profile” at the top .


  • sephora color iq lipstick

everybody I have on the same shirt same

necklace and same lots of things as the

last blog post for sephora color iq you saw because it’s actually

the same day I cheated all I did was

change my lip product um I wanted to

film another today because I

didn’t know if I was going to get a

chance to film tomorrow but today’s

is about my Sephora IQ experience

if you’re not familiar with what that is

they have a new technology at sephora

that was developed by pantone universe

and the two companies are working

together to bring us this new better way

of identifying what shade you wear in

foundation and I thought you know this

is such an interesting idea so I went in

and I got color matched and the way that

it works is they take a sample from

three different sections on your face

they take close-up photographs and then

that gets downloaded into a computer

program and you get assigned a number

well when I first approached someone in

sephora about this they said they were

going to have to remove on my makeup and

I was not into that idea because I was

out in my husband and I were far from

home and I just didn’t want them taking

all my makeup off so then I started

looking around at the store and another

employee came up inside the talking to

me and I told her you know about my

conversation with the other employee as

she said oh no she said we don’t have to

take the whole thing off she said I’ll

just take off a small section like on

your forehead maybe a small section here

and then maybe a spot on your neck and

we can do it that way and I was like

okay great because then you know maybe

it won’t be so noticeable so that’s what

we did and my number came up one are 0-5

and then they show you on the

computer what your foundation matches

are if you don’t have a match in a

certain foundation or a certain brand

then nothing will come up so the very

first thing that came up on the list was

a foundation by Korres and so she said

look why don’t I give you a couple of

deluxe samples and then you can take

them home and try them and you know if

there is something that you like you can

come back and buy the full size so that

was the first one that she was going to

give me but I noticed that in the title

it said Kier satin and oak moss and I

said look I’m allergic to flowers and

trees and this most likely you know oh

not most likely this could be a

potential problem with my allergy she

said oh absolutely it’s all natural and

we don’t want you to get sick so I’m

looking at the list cuz she said I could

pick out two to get samples from and she

immediately jumped on Lancome tanta doll

and I had heard a little bit about it

somewhere and I remembered somebody

saying that they really liked it so I

thought oh ok so my color in that is 210

buff and so she gave me a sample of that

and this is what that looks like i have

not tried this yet and i will explain

why in a minute so then i’m looking at

the list in front of me and I said okay

I would like a sample of clinique

Moisture Surge tinted moisturizer

because a lot of times what I like to do

is I like to wear a tinted moisturizer

or a BB cream and then put a powder

foundation over it so I was interested

in trying that so that’s what this is

and that is in the color one so that is

what I’m wearing on my face today and

then I put van minerals

foundation over it and I really really

like this I loved the way that the

Clinique choice termites are felt on my

skin and I thought that the band

minerals went over it nice and very very

impressed with that now the let’s get go

back to the lint licke Lancome for a

minute the taunted doll I came home and

I started researching this foundation

and realized that this is probably not a

good foundation for me because and I

told the lady that I was working with

that I have dry skin and that I’m older

so she I guess didn’t take that into

consideration or she didn’t know that

this tanta doll has got some kind of

special thing in it that absorbs oil in

your skin so that would most likely

aggravate my dry skin problems so I

don’t know if I even want to try this I

might try it once like just to see but

what would have been a better suggestion

for me is the lancome renergie i guess

that’s how you would pronounce it so

what i did today was i went to UM

another place because the place that I

was at what I had this test was not

close to home and I got a sample of the

lancome renergie and my color and that

is Claire which is number 10 and I

actually I can go to a safari i went to

a lancome counter and this looks like a

pretty good color match now as far as

the actual color matching goes the

numbers that the number that they came

up with and the results that came up are

very accurate for me right now because

it’s the end of summer see if i had had

this test done like at the beginning of

summer i would have had a total

different result and the foundation

matchings would have been different so

um from what I can tell it really tweaks

it to be you know close to what you need

it today and I think it would be very

interesting to have this test done again

once the color that I have got this

summer is gone but from what I can tell

it’s pretty darn accurate I was a little

freaked out when i saw the foundation

samples that she gave me because they

will both quite yellow or so they appear

to be until i compared them to other

foundation shades in the range and then

i realized that it’s not so much that

they were yellow is that you know my

skin is just very pink but um the

clinique Moisture Surge worked out

wonderful and i can kind of tell by

these other samples just by looking at

them that i think they will work out as

well in terms of shade but um i would

say it is definitely worth your time to

go in there and get tested just if for

no other reason curiosity and you get to

try some new foundations um it doesn’t

cost anything you don’t have to make an

appointment it’s kind of fun probably

the easiest thing for them would be is

if you went in with no makeup on then

they don’t have to remove anything and

there’s no potential of getting any kind

of a Miss reading because of them using

makeup remover on your face because that

can irritate some people’s skin but it

didn’t whatever they used it didn’t

irritate my skin and I feel as if they

got a really accurate reading and so

yeah I would say if you are at all

curious about this to go ahead and give

it a shot and if you have any questions

about my experience or anything that I

left out let me know and I will do my

best to answer your questions in the

comments section so that’s it for how to glowing skin

  • sephora color iq chart

What do the Sephora Color IQ numbers mean?

In Sephora, workers are outfitted with a handheld device which, when held to the surface, scans the outside, catching a individual’s exact skin tone and fitting it using a mix of numbers and letters out of an existent”colour library”The consequent four-digit signal is a Sephora client’s Shade IQ. The program was made in 2012 in cooperation using all the Pantone Color Institute that will help shoppers locate the base and concealer that is the most effective technological fit for their complexions. Since its launching, Sephora stores have created 14 million Color IQ matches and also the firm has also produced a spinoff, the IQ, for lipstick colors. “Color IQ — and IQ — replies a major question: what is the ideal color for me? Now there are thousands of colors on the market, so we narrowed that planet to make things simpler.”After a client has her Colour IQ (which may only be procured from a free in-store quote ), then she is able to use it in shops, online and on cellular to form product screens and decrease the choice put before her. (In shop needs to be accomplished by a guided purchasing encounter by a worker.) When the code has been added to a client’s Beauty Insider accounts, Sephora’s loyalty application, it may automatically be used to both mobile and online merchandise searches for your eyebrow and lip groups.

How do I find my color IQ Sephora?

How do I know my concealer shade?

How do you know your foundation color? dalimotion

  • sephora foundation shades

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