today I’m going to show you guys my
current routine first let me
drink my water and my business no
seriously though guys I’ve been drinking
so much water and my is looking
more healthy and glowing so water is
just so so good for you okay let’s move
on now I’m going to get my hair out of
the way so I can show you guys how I
remove my makeup and I’m going to show
you guys all the products that I use on
the days when I’m wearing a lot of
makeup I love using the Urban Decay
meltdown makeup remover spray this spray
right here you guys is a bomb so I’m
just going to places not places I’m
going to spray this all over my face and
it’s just going to dissolve my makeup
you can also apply it onto like a cotton
ball so you don’t have to apply it on
your face and then rub it in with your
hand you can just do it on a cotton ball
but I just like doing it this way now
I’m going to go in with my ride-or-die
product which is the Neutrogena
all-in-one makeup life I show you guys
this wife probably in every skin care
video that I’ve ever done because I just
love this wipes is my favorite now if
you’re going to use makeup wipes please
don’t forget that you still have to wash
your face with a cleanser this is a
mistake that I’ve made so many times I
just use my makeup wipes and go to bed
and that’s not good you guys you want to
make sure that you wash your face also
because a makeup wipes
it does contain chemicals and you can
still have makeup residue on your skin
so you want to make sure you wash that
face okay so let’s move on now I’ve been
using the vanity planet ultimate skin
Squa facial cleaning system for a few
years now and I love this brush because
it does such a good job removing my
makeup and cleaning my skin leaving my
skin looking glowy and healthy which
comes with three attachable brush heads
a cleansing facial brush an exfoliating
facial brush and a silicone brush it
gently deep clean the pores remove
excess oil that can cause clogs pores
and we go

want that it also helps to prevent
future breakouts so on days when I wear
makeup I prefer to use the cleansing
brush because it does such a good job
removing all the makeup and the dirt
running skin I’m also going to use on my
favorite cleanser the Neutrogena deep
clean you guys I’ve been using this for
so many years I’ve tried other cleanses
how to get glowing skin overnightin the past but I always go back to this
one it’s my absolute favorite ok so on
the days when I’m not wearing any makeup
but I still have to cleanse my face
because this is something I do every day
twice a day I still have to wash my face
I use my silicone facial cleanser it’s
so gentle on the skin and I just love
how soft my feels after using it
the silicone brush head is amazing it
dries really really quickly and you
don’t have to worry about bacteria
buildup it’s actually more hygienic than
the standard cleansing brush
okay so I will be listing all the
products I use in the description box
down below I also have a coupon code for
the vanity planet ultimate skin spa
system so you guys can check that out
that will be in the description box away
okay so once I cleanse my face I’m going
to go in and wash all that stuff off and
I’m using a clean towel to dry my face
make sure that your towel is clean you
don’t want to use a dirty towel on your
face on your because that’s just
going to cause breakage now I’m going to
go in with my old Henriksen transforming
walnut scrub I use this to exfoliate and
I do this about maybe two to three times
actually more like twice a week I love
exfoliating my because it helps to
get rid of any dead and dry and it
leaves my skin feeling so so smooth okay
so after I exfoliate I’m going to go in
with my for Sally rose gold elixir I’m
sure you guys seen this product all over
Instagram you guys I actually really
really love this product and I’ve been
using it for a while I find that it does
a really good job on hydrating my skin
and keeping my skin looking nice and
flowy and healthy I use a small amount
of this all over my face before I go in
with moisturizer I always moisturize my
skin at least twice a day my skin type
is normal to combination my t-zone tends
to get a little oily during the summer
time I’ve been using the biotherm ever
pump moisturizer for a while now you
guys and I absolutely love this product
because it’s so lightweight it feels
amazing on my skin and it keeps my skin
looking plump and glowy and I’m all here
for that it’s perfect for all skin types
and like I said it does keep my skin
very plump and dewy and hydrated so I’m
just going to apply it all over my face

and I also plan on my neck as well
because you don’t want to forget to
moisturize the neck okay so you guys
this is pretty much how I remove my
makeup and this is my current
routine I think it’s pretty simple and
basic I just use products that works
really good for me sometimes I try new
stuff but I always go back to using
these products because they do wonders
for my skin
I really hope this video was helpful to
you guys please give me a thumbs up if
you enjoy and I will see you guys in
another video very very soon I love you
guys so much bye


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